Monday, 5 October 2015

The Fog of War

I'm in a war of reputations. My own has come under attack since 1992. 

Feast your eyes. This is what I consider to be ambulance chasing at its worse. I was approached by This chap Billah Uppal Singh who was this firms new blood. He charmed me and dined me and befriended me. I now know it was all under false pretences. I was- believe or not- somewhat star struck by his approach. Smartly dressed, well spoken with ability to come down to my level of conversation. I'd yet to get an education so my language was rather colloquial. He was Asian and convinced me he was anti establishment. He bragged about the being in on the  Pin Down Case and informed me that the chances of "winning" would be increased if I chose a firm of lawyers with experience dealing with these types of cases. I was convinced. We agreed and I set about my task of recruiting others to follow me to him.

The letter was a follow up to our early meeting. The instruction sheets were really authorisation letters. In other words, they were forms that gave the lawyers full control of your case. I went about my task and travelled the length and breadth of the country to recruit my mates and others who I knew had been abused. I wanted as many as was possible to give evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry. (not Whitehouse as the letter states. Evidencing the haste or speed at which the letter was thrown together. Idiots) Not only did Singh scoop up tens of clients to represent at the Waterhouse Inquiry but he also signed them up for future civil litigation cases. Imagine the legal aid cost. He's certainly made his money since our initial meeting. 

As time passed and I began to question his motives and our relationship started to list. I took my concerns to the Inquiry and was informed that Singh had refused to continue to represent me. He stated that he would never be able to live up to my expectations. He was right. Looking at my transcripts of evidence it's clear as gin that I was lynched and I was allowed to be lynched. 

More importantly for me is the fact the Singh would have been fully aware of the Observer article I'm currently dealing with. He had sight of my statements and cannot deny he should have addressed the rape allegations made in the article. I know this because of another meeting I was summoned to in Manchester whereby I was forewarned that I was to be questioned about other incidences that I might find embarrassing. The meeting took place in Byrom Street Chambers on a Saturday morning. Both my QC and the QC for North Wales Police were part of the same chambers.  Andrew Moran  and Tim King often shared the car to work. Moran doesn't list the Waterhouse Inquiry on his CV. I was surprised that he had no questions for me during my time in the witness box. I was in it for three days. I'm sure those familiar with my case will know full well why he had no questions to ask me. No mention of the article or the police statement I made refuted it's contents. They knew what they were doing. If it was omitted out of the evidence it was omitted out by the final report. 

As the days pass, sometimes as the hours pass the fog of deception gets thinner. One day I'll be free from the titles presently awarded to me by those still intent on damaging my credibility. If you're one of them, be warned. My little box of tricks has yet to be made public.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Peoples Tribunal @UKCSAPT

No need for words

Chris Stacey

Chris is a survivor of child sex abuse. Educated at Eton and Keele University, he worked in Insurance & Pensions in London including Scottish Widows, William M Mercer Ltd, and Hymans Robertson, Actuaries. In 2003 as he came to terms more and more with his abuse (which was not institutional), he decided on a change of direction.

He has been working in a successful Pupil Referral Unit in Hertfordshire with pupils from Secondary Schools. He is committed to helping change attitudes towards Child Sex Abuse in the UK, ensuring that people and authorities take action / investigate and no longer brush abuse under the carpet.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Child Abuse Inquiries and the Seagulls of Justice

Take your time and digest. Ignore the latest ramblings of online publications claiming to be exposing exclusives and quoting the rage from survivors. Educate yourselves and read the lists of lawyers and others who'll descend upon any Historical Abuse Inquiry/Tribunal.

I attended a little shit hole of a place on the welsh border called Ewloe for 18 months. I watched all those below performing for the judge and his two assistants. Towards the end of the Inquiry they started sporting new expensive cars, brief cases, suits, jewellery, phones and other items on the latest gadget list. They shared a final meal (there was more than one) here. There was an air of satisfaction like a guise hovering above them all. I know because I was there. Not there with them but there watching them. Sipping on my pint to make it last longer because it cost so much. The females were strutting and the males were drooling. Down the hatch, bottle after bottle. My wife arrived, I turned to take one last look and that was that. On the way home I wondered if I'd ever see so much power and authority in one place at the same time ever again. All of those who feature, bar one or two, have climbed the legal ladder and many are now judges and senior adviser's to the government. 

The legal system is closed shop. If you're not born into it or spend thirty years in it you're never going to understand it. The urban seagulls of justice fly great distances to feed on your scraps of sorrow. 

From here on is a list of legal seagulls involved with the Waterhouse/North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry. It's staggering.


The Tribunal's legal team -Counsel to the Tribunal Gerard Elias QC Ernest Ryder QC (QC-April 1997) Gregory Treverton-Jones.

Solicitor to the Tribunal Brian McHenry-until December 1997 Stuart Howard-from December 1997

Assistant Solicitors/Trainee Solicitors 
Stuart Howard Sara Rees Ian Philliskirk Christopher Allen-
Virginia Dewhurst Julia Steele Grace Martins Waring Kirsten Mackay 
Paralegal support provided by 39 legal assistants from time to time

Witness Interviewing Team : Reginald Briggs assisted by 8 retired detective officers

Chief Administrative Officer Evan Hughes assisted by 8 administrative staff including his deputy, Richard Groves

Press Officer David Norbury

Tribunal Usher John Price

QC's, Barristers and Solicitors

Timothy King QC

Margaret de Haas (QC-April 1998)

Stephen Bedford

Marron Dodds

The Wales and Chester

Group comprising the following firms of solicitors:

Capper & Jones

Cross Solicitors

Hywel Davies & Co

Freed Kemp Rapport

Hugh James, Jones & Jenkins

Gwilym Hughes & Partners

Elwyn Jones & Co

Jewels & Kydney

Lindsay Ford


Martyn Prowel Edwards & Davies

Paul Ross & Co

Shirley Garnett Williams & Co

Swayne Johnson & Wight

Clement Jones

S R Dew Protheroe & Williams

J Charles Hughes & Co

Oliver & Co

P Lloyd Jones & Co

Tudor Williams & Co

Nick Booth 
Pannone and Partners

Anna Pauffley QC and Rachel Langdale Counsel were instructed by the

following firms of solicitors:

Arthur Boulton & Son

Carter Vincent Jones Davis

T R Evans, Hughes & Co

Gersten & Nixon

Hains & Lewis

Hopley Pierce & Bird

John Hughes, Foulkes & Reeves

Jacobs & Co

James, James & Hatch

P Lloyd Jones & Co

Poole Alcock & Co

Pritchard Edwards

Walker, Smith & Way

 3 other witnesses Alistair Webster QC

Suzanne Goddard E H McClorry

Walker, Smith & Way

Jacobs & Co

Theresa Pepper

Chris Saltrese

Foulkes & Reeves

Gratwicke Hallett & Co
Andrew Caldecott QC

Barrie Searle Russell Jones & Walker

Bindman & Partners

David Knifton Chris Saltrese

(also represents BESSG)

Walker, Smith & Way
Jodie Swallow

Nick Parry (Solicitor Advocate)

(Solicitor) Tudor Williams & Co
Ioan Bowen Rees

 J Tudur Owen (Solicitor Advocate)

Glynne & Co
Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC 

Stephens Innocent
Rhodri Davies & Co (Solicitor Advocate)
Robin Oppenheim 

Stephens Innocent

Welsh Office 
Lady Scotland QC

North Wales Police 
Andrew Moran QC
Peter Cowan 
J A Trigger
Crown Prosecution Service Jerry Hyde (Solicitor Advocate)
Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited John Golding QC

Kathryn Thirlwall (QC-April 1998) Browne Jacobson
North Wales Health Authority

Merfyn Hughes QC

Clwydian Community Care NHS Trust

Gwynedd Community Care

NHS Trust Peter Gregory Hill Dickinson
Successor local authorities:

Isle of Anglesey County Council

Flintshire County Council

Denbighshire County Council

Gwynedd Council

Wrexham County Borough


Conwy County Borough Council
Joan Butler (QC-April 1998) 

Ronald Evans on behalf of all six authorities
London Borough of Tower Hamlets Bryan McGuire Russell Power

The Tribunal also received written submissions from:

Association of Directors of Social Services

District Judges of the Wales and Chester Circuit

The National Youth Advocacy Service

Gwen James, Director of Voice for the Child in Care

Peter Newell, Co-ordinator EPOCH (End Physical Punishment of Children)

OCEAN: Official Campaign for Ending Abuse Nationwide.

NORWAS: North Wales Abuse Survivors.

BESSG: Bryn Estyn Staff Support Group.
This organisation was represented for the purposes of making submissions and recommendations only.

The CPS was represented for the purpose of making submissions only.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Wakes Over.

Originally written in Dec 2013 but not published due to legal timings.

Posted by Outlaw on December 3, 2013

"I went to a Gym yesterday".  1st lie. (Coincidently I was at the same gym today. I went to meet an old friend. He owns it.)

"I hadn’t decided to get fit at this late stage in case you were wondering,(ha ha that's comedy that is) I went to meet a guy who runs a local gym here in Wrexham who I have been in contact with via telephone and email for a few weeks." 2nd lie.

"Apart from the Gym, he also runs a support group for ex-care home residents in the area, from places such as Bersham Hall, Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn." 3rd lie (and was supposed to remain confidential. But when has confidentiality ever mattered eh?)

Me and guess who? 12.05.2015

"This has gone on for over a year now, but recently I discovered that the main protagonist of what I can only describe as a hate campaign, was in fact, an ex-resident of the Bryn Estyn Childrens Home". 4th (lie we'd been fwends Jimmy, since November 7th 2012. Did you forget?)

"Hence my visit to the gym to speak to some other ex-residents." 5th lie. (You gargled something whilst dribbling from your mouth before you were ejected)

"As somebody who has been caught up in this latest series of accusations, I wanted to find out why I was being targetted for speaking about the short time I spent in north Wales during the late 1970’s". Because of lies 1 to 5

The reality is this-he walked in shaking like a smack head. He bumbled my name and moaned about being followed. He was kicked out because they thought he was a thieving smack head. He goes home and creates his own reality.

What more is there? Fuck all. It's been a lengthy one but the wakes over folks. It's been an experience. Not a single word shall ever be written about this subject matter ever again. Reality continues. I know these words will make a lot of people very happy. Me too.