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Observer allows False Rape allegations to remain in the public.

I had no intention of sharing this correspondence with the public until I'd reached a suitable   conclusion to my request for some sort of retraction/apology. It looks like I won't be getting one   using the legal tools available at present. This being the case, I'm attempting to shame the paper into some sort of resolution. There are two names on the article by-line. David Rose and Brian Johnson Thomas. Rose denies any memory of any involvement, BJT has yet to be traced and asked about the article. He's a NATO arms specialist apparently. I'm doing this for my kids and theirs and theirs etc. I'm hoping that anyone accessing the article will be forewarned about my attempts to rectify this outrageous situation. Worth remembering this: It could be anyone of you who's been accused. These News propagandists shouldn't be allowed to potentially destroy innocent lives. Time limits on legal resolutions are also out dated and in favour of the rich. How long would it take for me to get an apology if I was able to pay a top lawyer to act for me? Not long. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

SPOOKS AT WORK David Rose & Brian Johnson Thomas

Many of you will have some knowledge by now about how I've been attempting to source the origins of an article published in the Observer Newspaper in Sept 1992. The article was heavily relied upon by my now deceased Internet troll. It's been used to support his unfounded and malicious allegations about me being a "self confessed" rapist. An allegation from which he was extremely lucky to escape prosecution.

David Rose remembers his investigations into Leon Brittan, but doesn't remember calling me a rapist. Convenient? Too bloody right

1 hour ago

So the Observer is denying the author of the article is the author of the article. That leaves @DavidRoseUK as he was the other by-line name
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David Rose‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx My name was not on this article, and I had nothing at all to do with it.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx
@DavidRoseUK Seems to me your name is on it
David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx  That is not the article which reproduced your statement. I thought that was what you were talking about.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx

@DavidRoseUK  I am. Its on the next page

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK 31m31 minutes ago

@darrenlavertyx  Well, I never dealt with that. Which is why I asked you earlier whether Brian had interviewed you. I didn't.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx
@DavidRoseUK 2 also on that page

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx  Well, it was 22 years ago! If memory serves, 2 other journos were involved. Check The Secret of Bryn Estyn.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx

@DavidRoseUK  only you and Johnson are on this piece. Secrets of BE isn't worth the paper its written on. Evidence before you
Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2
@DavidRoseUK but do you know about the article >>> @darrenlavertyx is talking about?

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx  Anyway, what are you trying to do? What are you looking for?

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx

@DavidRoseUK  I want to know where the info was obtained from. My statements were confidential. Only police knew about them

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK
@just_standing2 @darrenlavertyx My memory is dim. It was a long time ago.

Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2

@DavidRoseUK except that wasnt in the statement!! I read it and know >>> @darrenlavertyx is telling the truth

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK
@darrenlavertyx @paulrogers002 All I know is: I didn't get it. I can't recall now where it did come from. Sorry. But check the book. 1/2

Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2

@DavidRoseUK the bastards changed his statement, to make it juicy!! how did they get the statement? @darrenlavertyx

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK
@darrenlavertyx  Even if you hate it, I'm pretty sure the article is mentioned in there.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx  @DavidRoseUK  not a word is mentioned

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyxWhy has it taken you 22 years to bring this up? I left the Observer years ago.

Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2

@DavidRoseUK Im sorry, but we remember all too well, it is wrong what you did, and now

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx  @DavidRoseUK because its lies and calls me a gang rapist

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK
@just_standing2 @darrenlavertyx Since that article, we've had Waterhouse, Pallial, etc. You never said anything, nor complained to the paper

Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2

@DavidRoseUK its now turning up all over the place, calling him >>> @darrenlavertyx a rapist! what about his kids?
Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2

@DavidRoseUK Im sure you keep notes, every good journalist does, even if it was 40 years ago @darrenlavertyx

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx

@DavidRoseUK @just_standing2 It had left my memory. Recent times have re-introduced it to my memory. Its being used as evidence of me raping

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@just_standing2 @darrenlavertyx We also had Anglesea libel case. You said nothing. There's no way I can find out now what happened. Too late

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx
@DavidRoseUK @just_standing2 Its never too late. You of all folk should know that

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx @just_standing2 Well I'm sorry about that. But honestly, there's nothing I can do. Too much time has elapsed.

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx @just_standing2 I suggest you ask the Observer to issue a statement or something. I cannot help you. Over and out.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx

@DavidRoseUK @just_standing2 I disagree. Your apology is duly accepted though. Lets hope the @Observer can find the same bottle

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx @DavidRoseUK @just_standing2 thank you

David Rose ‏@DavidRoseUK

@darrenlavertyx @just_standing2 @Observer Ok, well, thanks for that.

Darren Laverty ‏@darrenlavertyx

@DavidRoseUK @just_standing2 I made a police statement on the 23.9.1992(1wk after) denying all allegations.

Pride's Purge

~ an irreverent look at UK politics by Tom Pride

Child abuse scandal can of worms - just who is Daily Mail reporter David Rose?

Published on November 11 2012 (not satire)

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"- Sir Walter Scott

Today the Mail on Sunday did a hatchet job on the child abuse victim Steven Messham in an attempt to discredit him as a witness after he mistakenly identified Lord McAlpine as his attacker - a mistake which it now seems was a direct result of misleading information given to him by North Wales Police.

See this previous article for more information about that:

It was the police – not the BBC – who wrongly named Lord McAlpine in abuse allegations

I make no apology for telling you my heart went out to Mr Messham when I read the Mail on Sunday piece attacking him. It seemed to me he was being abused all over again.

The article in the Mail on Sunday is clearly an attempt on the part of sections of the British establishment to strike back at allegations which potentially could bring down some of its most powerful members, and Mr Messham is probably just collateral damage in their eyes.

But what's most interesting for me about the disgusting article is its author - a man called David Rose.

Who is he?

Oh what a can of worms that question turns out to be.

David Rose seems to be what is known by some people in the trade as a 'fixer'.

'Fixers' obviously 'fix' things - in his case, Rose specialises in 'fixing' tricky problems which are inconveniencing parts of the more conservative parts of the establishment - by using spin, disinformation and pure lies.

In fact, he's been specialising in discrediting victims who have accused establishment figures of child abuse for some years now, as well as trying to discredit child abuse investigations as a whole - see here and here.

But interestingly, Rose is also a major player in the disinformation campaign being waged by powerful oil interests and right-wing politicians keen to deny the human causes of climate change.

See here, here and here.

As well as the disinformation campaign that was waged before the invasion of Iraq - see here.

OK. So the person responsible for the disgraceful attack on one of the child abuse victims in today's Mail on Sunday is a batshit-crazy, climate-change denying establishment fixer in the pay of a powerful right-wing establishment.


However, it seems there may be more than one journalist called David Rose. And some people in the industry are not even all that sure whether David Rose actually even exists at all. David Allen Green, writer of the 'Jack of Kent' blog tells me 'his' David Rose definitely doesn't exist - see his blog here.

On the other hand, according to the indefatigable Ian Bone - he does exist because he tells me he actually met Rose way back in 1985 - see Ian's blog about it here.

I think before we allow the reputation of a brave survivor of child sexual abuse to be trashed, we should know exactly who his accuser is, don't you?

So will the real David Rose please stand up? Come out come out David, whoever you are.
The police admitted their failures in his case and my complaints about such failures against North Wales police, have recently been "upheld". An interesting point here is the fact that the article under scrutiny was actually referred upon by the investigating officer who had been tasked with investigating my complaint. It was decided that because of my "admissions" contained within the 1992 Observer article(para 6 & 7) it would have been very "unlikely" that any juror or court would agree that I had been wronged. Therefore a prosecution was unlikely to be commenced. Or, in other words; The article evidences your admissions of what your troll was alleging so its very doubtful the CPS would instigate a prosecution.

I wasn't interviewed about the article or its contents during the police's own professional standards departments inquiries or by the officer who failed to investigate my trolls malicious communications to me and my family. I wasn't made aware that the police had ever sight of the article. I hadn't seen it at this stage myself. I didn't know it had been relied upon to justify the failures of the police. Moving on.

The author of the article was Brian Johnson Thomas (BJT). The by-line also carried the name of the respected journalist David Rose. Rose recently informed me that he hasn't heard or seen BJT for 20 years. I've managed to research the article and discovered some interesting areas for further attention.

Upon reading the article its evident by the use of quotation marks that BJT wants the reader to believe that the words used by him are spoken by me.The article contains thirteen paragraphs. Two of which contain words I have no memory or knowledge of saying or being recorded saying. Other paragraphs however, have been traced to a document that was in the possession of the author BJT at some stage before the article was constructed. Indeed without said documents the article wouldn't exist. At this time I have no knowledge of where BJT obtained the document. Did I give it to him? Difficult as I had not had sight of the documents until some years after the article was published. The earliest it could have been disclosed in any legitimate legal environs would have been at the trial of Peter Howarth. But Howarth wasn't convicted and jailed until July 1994. The Observer article was published in September 1992. So where did BJT obtain the documents that contain the same verbatim wording in the Observer article? The document which contains the words is safely stored in a memory cloud. Copies have been sent to the Observer and other concerned parties.

In any case I did some searching and all I can say is you couldn't make this shit up. Below is an offering of just a few of the results I managed to find. Do read the links because they speak louder than any words I could write.

"We turned to someone who's investigated the diamond trade for the UN security council. Brian Johnson-Thomas obtained proof that the bomber and the shareholder are one and the same."

"One of the busiest was investigative reporter Brian Johnson-Thomas. In 1993 and 1994 he wrote a series of lurid articles in the satirical magazines Scallywag and Private Eye;"

"Enter Brian Johnson-Thomas, a self proclaimed diamond expert and investigative journalist with a number of groundbreaking stories to his credit. Johnson-Thomas had unearthed what he claimed was a startling fact. He had documents proving that Mohamed Kalfhan, a close ally of Bin Laden who had been jailed for his part in bombing the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi"

UN Foundation HQ can be found here

(scroll to sec 23)
and more
here and here

Some pilots are fooled into thinking they are making legitimate arms shipments , said Brian Johnson-Thomas a journalist and arms expert ( Associated Press/ , 26 Mar ). written by Robert Holloway   whilst adding "Johnson-Thomas added that false cargo manifests are one way shippers skirt arms sales laws"
( Robert Holloway , Agence France-Presse , 27 Mar ).

The Samaliland Times refers to two reports written by BJT here . The article calls into question the independence of a report about transport planes being used to transport arms between the State of Eritrea and Ethiopia. In short the author attacks Jendayi E. Frazier, the US Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs. The authors references to BJT are lower down the page. 

BJT quotes Peter Hain the former Welsh Secretary as saying that "Bout was a death merchant" here

"Campaigning Times journalist Brian Johnson-Thomas says it’s “the ultimate proof that the truth is far stranger than fiction”,  Outlaws inc

Learning modules for these workshops were jointly developed and delivered by SEESAC, and here

UNDP Macedonia, the international investigative journalist Brian Johnson-Thomas and consultants from Saferworld.

Anyone familiar with the North Wales Child Abuse story will know that BJT wrote an article about Gordon Anglesea in the Satirical magazine Private Eye 

September 13th 2011 RT News also features BJT "a former arms-trafficking expert for the UN Security Council". RT NEWS and here
More from the International Business Times here

"Mr Johnson-Thomas, who works for the United Nations as a weapons expert, fell three to four metres off a cliff on to his head during the ill-fated walk on September 25". Whoops

More? There's plenty on offer
Amnesty have also called upon Brian Johnson Thomas's experience do-we-need-arms-trade

"Diamond expert who says he has worked for the UN Security Council".

Ernie Bryant and Brian Johnson-Thomas

Exposed: the Somalia arms boycott breakerJon Swain and Brian Johnson-Thomas
The Sunday Times
July 15, 2007

A RUSSIAN businessman has offered to arrange for eight tons of ammunition to be parachuted to a militant organisation affiliated to Al-Qaeda in Somalia after being approached by a Sunday Times reporter posing as a middleman for the group.

Only a month after he supposedly wrote the article about me we have this.

Recent contact with former colleagues Brian Johnson Thomas informed me he was employed by David Randell

(Hi Darren,
"I'm afraid I haven't heard anything about him for years. Never got on with him. He was brought into the Observer as a casual freelancer by Dave Randall who was then the news editor - before I joined them.
"I'll be in London next week if you want to talk. Email me and I'll call you."16/11/2014)

David Randell
David Randall
universal journalist

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Legal Comedy?

I'll write this for the lay person. For the newcomer and for the hell of of it.

I've seen some legal tricks in the past thirty eight years. My first contact with the police or my first 'arrest' was in 1976, aged 9. Group of us stealing empty Carona pop bottles from behind a shop got caught and were transported to our homes and awaiting parents. Slap across the head, no supper and bed. Forgotten. Next day was a new day, a fresh start. Giggles on the playground from each as we exaggerated the events to others. Plenty of kudos on offer too. Some of us progressed onto further criminality others not so.

Thirty eight years ago I caught the policeman's eye. He winked at my mother. One of them winks. I was chuffed, I was free from the law and my mother was smiling with it. The next time it was another policeman. No winks, no smiles. A bag containing the electric meter I'd stolen from someones shed, £3 in shillings (old five pence) and a packet of 10 Sovereign cigarettes with 5 left. A court hearing was mentioned, a caution was also mentioned. I sat at the top of the stairs listening like a Meerkat. I could hear my mothers attempts at being nice, false and in need of some favourable discretion. If he has to go to court, then I have to go to court. Can't have the street talking about me. Last chance please? No.

Whilst waiting for my time slot in front of the bench the solicitor laid it out to my mother whilst ignoring me. Plead guilty, £10 fine. Not Guilty £30 fine. Either way its a guilty verdict. Burglary on a dwelling. It was what it was. But in reality it wasn't. It was theft of a meter and its contents from a shed in a garden of a house. Theft. My point? Deals, deals and more deals.

When the parents, usually single mothers, are being offered deals by the defending solicitor on behalf of the prosecution there's got to be questions raised. Or maybe its all changed now and everything is above board. Don't make me laugh. I see the same faces from 30 years ago waltzing around the magistrates and crown courts like peacocks. Livings made from under-classes being legal aided to plead guilty from the outset. Some argue, few ever win. The legal system acts like the states legal cash collection service. No cash? We'll wait? When the waiting is done you go to jail or you pay. The majority pay.

The supposed Inquiry into historical institutional abuses in the UK has shown me thus far that the same shenanigans that happened in the magistrates thirty eight years ago are happening on a Westminster scale, the equivalent of the under-class's courts but at the top of the legal tree.

Ben Emmerson, QC Counsel to the Inquiry has asked a panel member to go, get lost and shut up.
Sharon Evans the panel member has tried to argue her case. It's in the News, survivors have their say, others have their say and so it goes on. HERE. The game is only in the first min and the referee is sending players off for arguing. Emmerson will use his positional powers and demand she goes or I go. They'll all go I imagine. Labour will construct another one and will hear evidence for years. A quiet council chamber or some nice admin set up.

Victims of the abuse will still die. Some by suicide some not. The number of those who'll never get to see the findings/report will keep rising. Who gives a shit at the end of the day? Certainly not QC's like Emmerson. He'll be office based for the next five years dealing with oil tycoons who've had parking tickets issued on their Oil Tankers for being illegally parked in the Gulf seas. It happens. Weekends will consist of fine wine and whatever else floats their boats. Its what they've worked for. Ambitions. Survivors? Oh that lot, er........bit of compo? Bit of counselling? Start a blog. Learn a new job. Anything, but do it quietly, out of sight and out of mind.  How many of them is there now? Thousands........... and the numbers are growing by the day. They've all started using social media, New media and new information platforms. They're everywhere guv. They're including the educated and wealthy in their numbers too.  Bit like us guv. Ah fuck em. We have guv, us and our bosses fucked them for a 100 years or more guv. Get me the number of that retirement home in Spain Jeeves. Oh and pack a suitcase.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Serious Question for Channel 4 News

A Serious Question for Channel 4 News
Posted on January 12, 2015by DR Laverty

Dear Editor of Channel Four News

Can you confirm or deny that your organisation has behaved like criminals and have allegedly pressured certain alleged ‘victims’ of historical child abuse into lying about their experiences on camera, to ‘fit your story’?

Public comments claiming that your organisation edited footage to suit your ‘story’ about the ever-present Bryn Estyn Community School in Wrexham North Wales and Sir Peter Morrison, were recently published on the social media platform Twitter.

As recently as 11/01/2015 a member of the pubic appeared to suggest that your organisation “wanted him to name” a very prominent man at Bryn Estyn during the 70’s. I believe the man is on police bail whilst investigations continue. My poor knowledge of the legislative details on these issues prevents me from knowing if these comments are prejudicial to any potential future prosecutions. Maybe you could clarify this position for me and the public at large?

I look forward to your reply.

Contact me on @drlavertyx on Twitter for confirmation of these public comments (below)

Yours sincerely

Darren Laverty

“Haha, who said that Morrisson was seen at BE? Certainly not me. C4 however? Not my call, it fitted their story perhaps #idiots“ 11:10 PM – 11 Jan 2015

“C4 actually wanted me to name ****** ******** on camera, who I had never heard of until recently. At least get some facts right eh?” 11:12 PM – 11 Jan 2015 (name redacted for obvious lack of legal knowledge on these matters. Original comments are available without redaction’s)

Friday, 9 January 2015

The Not so Secret Bryn Estyn

Trolls go to great lengths to cause upset. One was supposed to discuss a book last nite. I mentioned the law and it was pulled. Stupid as stupid gets.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sonia Poulton. Criminal and/or Troll? You decide

In one way I’m relieved that Sonia Poulton shared these. I don’t have to add anything. I’m more than happy to offer to you what I’ve been experiencing for 2 years. Outlaw himself published similar in 2013. He continued to offend whilst on police bail. No surprise there then. The police have officially admitted a failure with the case(time limit over ran) and apologised and disciplined the officer. So when he persuaded Sonia to commit the same crime he knew what he was doing. It’ll make no difference to me or mine what-so-ever. Must try harder…repeat.

As for my readers, followers and friends. Cheers for being there. You’ve no idea how much strength I gather each day just knowing you believe and support me. Bare with on this blog, I’m getting the hang of it.


Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year? Hardly

I don't normally share these idiots. But being as I'm in the firing line I thought I 'd offer this one.  We all know who it is of course. 
As of 5/01/2014 account dead

Account suspended

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@mashable looks like the pavements of Camden of a Saturday morning, YUK
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Friday, 2 January 2015

A Response to Alan Taylor

This man is an ex-policeman who claims to sufferer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He's Sonia Poulton's (ex Daily sacked) independent cameraman. Also presents a podcast. January 6th he's reviewing the 'real' story about what went on in Bryn Estyn. Calls me names too, pmsl. Feel free to contact him and offer your support or otherwise. Like me you might consider contacting the shows sponsors Here. He's uploaded more videos than I care to watch.
Global Audience indeed. Two mins of investigation of Alan's Twitter friends below.

Please read and share this Tim's blog. He's been in the think of it with Poulton et al.
I contacted the radio station soon after this entry and discovered others who work with Alan. I felt great relief after a conversation with.  Tim 

Then this appeared a short time after

  1. sorry that you and have now become target for mine and 's stalker. I always find it best to ignore him.

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