Sunday, 15 February 2015

More Laverty Success

Very proud mother and father. UK rankings for shot put. Our little blonde one went and got big and very strong.

PS. check out the bottom tweet

Anyone who knows Connor will know he's gay. See the troll's tweet just before Christmas when he knew Connor was coming home from Uni for Christmas . It was supposed to drive me into the arms of the law. Like everything else he tried to do to rile me, he failed. Evil and dead thanks to everyone who supported me.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I'm Not Scared Anymore. (not that I ever was)

Listen, then listen again.

When I'm lying in the arms of the woman I love,
I'm completely at peace with the world,
And the dark clouds around me that often surround me,
Just fall away into the night, I'm not scared anymore;

When I can't sleep at night and I just stare at the moon,
Listening to your beating heart,
To know that you're with me, and the love that you give me,
Keeps me from falling apart, I'm not scared anymore;

You are near, you are here;

When I think about the ways of the other world,
And all the ones who've gone before,
Well I believe they can see us, believe they are with us,
Hear every word that we speak, I'm not scared anymore,

Oooh - they hear every word that we say,
Oooh - when I have my lover with me,
I'm not scared anymore, I'm not scared anymore;

When I'm looking at my children and the world where we live,
And the violence coming every day,
Well I know I'll protect them with the power of my love,
To the very last drop of my blood, I'm not scared anymore;

Can you hear me, I am near,
Can you see me, I am here;

When I'm lying in the arms of the woman I love,
I'm completely at peace with the world,
I'm not scared anymore,
I'm not scared anymore,
I'm not scared anymore.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

What were you doing in 1997?

Little piece just to remind anyone who doubts my conviction to the eradication of child abuse. Think back to 1997. What were you doing that year? Who got married? Who died? I went to London. I was asked to speak to some of the countries most prominent childcare providers, executives, judges, MP's and a host of other interested parties. What did I choose to speak about? The pain I'd caused and the pain I'd suffered. No secrets or lies or innuendos, just plain old Daz Lav and an audience that mattered. All the stuff that's been shared about me on the Internet recently means very little when you consider that most of who is sharing the rubbish hadn't even heard about child abuse, let alone campaigned to eradicate it. Below are a few bits from the debate. 


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