Monday, 2 November 2015

Where where you 3 years ago?

Hasn't time flown? What you doing three years ago to this day? I was holed up in a 4star hotel celebrating our 20th anniversary. I switched on the TV and watched Mr S Messham state that he'd been sexually abused by Lord McAlpine.

Newsnight  and the TBIJ fired the first salvo in an ongoing war between the state and the media over which side holds the other to account on the subject of child sexual abuse. Neither have won and neither will win. There are no winners in this war except the abusers.

Alongside the televised and printed version of events was the on line campaign via twitter, facebook and blogsphere. We had never seen anything even similar in recent decades. Millions of words and pictures from thousands of people all over the world were involving themselves in this "war" against VIP paedophilia and institutional abuse of children. Time scales for investigations dated back to the 1950's.

As an ex resident of the care system during the 1970's and 1980's my perspective on matters was from the inside. Unlike the million others falsely claiming attachment to the subject, I was attached. I'd had involvement since 1978 when I first entered the system as a ten year old. Thirty five years later I was re-introduced to a world of psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths. All of which ran the care system I grew up in. Today, three years later I can state that I've seen more of societies craziest people than most will ever see in their life time.

Many of the latter are well paid, considered professional by some, educated and hold an audience of many thousands. Their bile is printed, spoken about and shared on line. In addition to these cranks are the pawns they use. The lower end of the information supply line. The fame seekers, the glory hunters and the plain out right liars who suffer from attachment disorders of many kinds. Most are chosen for their vulnerability by suggestive so-called professionals. Television companies, printed media and on line journalistic types who've failed in the main stream information outlets. There are just too many to mention. A simple search of Google on the subject will bring the main characters to the forefront.

As a result of the past three years we are no closer to holding the state to account for the previous abusive systems than we were 30 years ago. We haven't moved forward one inch with the prevention of child abuse in all its guises. I'd argue we've moved backwards. The deniers of abuse have gained a strong hold on social media and the internet. The majority of these types are in the twilight of their lives and have the most spare time to spend sharing and reinforcing their perspectives. Most deny that abuse occurred on the scale that's claimed. Their support of the system's failures is evident in the millions of words they scrawl every minute of every day. I've learned who and where to avoid if one is to gain any sort of honest insight into the truth about institutional child abuse in the UK.

I could list the myriad of ongoing enquiries, investigations and or 'exposures' but what would be the point? Who cares? Few in my experience. What of Mr Messham? Last I heard he was on medication and on twitter. He took to ranting and using caps lock. Or so the public are led to believe. When the account answers my question about a certain issue I'll believe it's him. Thus far I've seen hundreds of Internet accounts created for nothing other than to disrupt, discredit and to cause confusion about child abuse. I'm in no doubt this will continue to be the case for the long term future. Will you be part of it? I'm not sure if my own contribution has helped or hindered the subject. But what I will say is this- I survived the system in real life, I'm pretty certain I can survive the system in cyber life.

I'll leave you with these reminders of the lengths the media and it's minions will go to create and or fabricate evidence which has been proven to be nothing more than lie upon lie upon lie. The media haven't stopped lying, the liars haven't stopped lying and the lies haven't stopped flowing. As a criminologist I've studied body language of humans and their ability to disguise the truth. I invite you to try it.

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You are not a criminologist - you are a criminal. Dipstick. Don't start this battle because it's not one you'll win. You're not a survivor.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The History of the Documentary

Another new documentary is due to be aired very soon. This WILL BE ON MSM but at present I am unable to confirm which company has commissioned it and which channel it will air on.

To be called "Madeleine McCann - The History of the Documentary".

It will not focus on Madeleine McCann as that part of the title is simply used to draw attention to the video.

Nor will it focus on the history of the documentary in general terms.

The focus of this documentary about The Documentary will be the interminable story of the Poulton documentary. Of course, like the Poulton documentary the focus may change as the mood takes the film maker (or Twitter posts demand).

The documentary is due out very very soon but its actual release date is dependent on the publication by Poulton of The Documentary itself (hopefully on MSM where as promised, or has that changed?).

This documentary will cover the entire history of "the Documentary" right from the first mention by Poulton back in the realms of real history (or so it seems) right through to discussion of the expected stunning revelations it is supposed to contain and the impact those revelations have on the police efforts to solve the case which The Documentary originally purported to focus on.

The new and imminent documentary (The History Of The Documentary) will call on everybody who can be doorstepped for comments and contributions and will include their comments whether particularly relevant or interesting. It will accept offers of information and interviews from anyone who has proclaimed him or herself an expert on "the Documentary" through social media. The aim is to be inclusive. No comment, however revealing of the commentator's ignorance will be refused. And no intrusion into personal space or private space, however crass, will be left out.

As the publication date is so imminent - to be aired immediately after "The History Of The Documentary" is released, a teaser will come out shortly showing a few snippets of the presenter's in-depth journalistic skills (such as failing to get comments from key persons involved in the making of "The History Of The Documentary"). Maybe the presenter will go back to Poulton's home and find her actually in this time?

Please keep your eyes open for further information about the publication of this new documentary as details might change over the next two or three years while waiting for those who commissioned Poulton's epic to actually produce it.

The teaser for "The History of The Documentary" might be released on a one-page amateur blog as that will in itself be a tease and will hide from the public which MSM company will finally air the full documentary.

More news soon.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Troll Royden Jones aka The Outlaw has now been charged to appear at court

My Troll Royden Jones aka The Outlaw has now been charged to appear at court

Royden Jones has now been charged to appear at court with the following offence:
Anyone else who’s been trolling me i.e. Sonia Poulton et al best prepare themselves. Tick tock.
Date of case to follow
Thanks to all for your support thus far.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Read 'em Weep.

My main troll is on bail until the end of this month. Hopefully charges will be brought against it for on-line attacks on me and my tribe and some friends. I don't hold out any hopes if past experience is anything to judge by. The main accusation the cyclops and his slut face friend have levelled at me are the old "self confessed rapist" line. They rely on the article in the Observer as their only source of information for this accusation. I've nearly put the article to bed. 

In addition to the Observer piece the main troll has relied on Richard Websters 'The Secret of Bryn Estyn' to attempt an smear my credibility. Almost every day they link their effort of a blog to various offerings by the author. Every time I comment on a blog one of them follows me and leaves a link to some shite Webster wrote about Ryan Tanner (me) in his book. 

This is Webster writing about the Observer article and David Rose's involvement. It's self explanatory so no need to explain. Webster and Rose go way back and have both sat at the same deniers table on many occasions. Both champion the denier group FACT UK. A small group made up of some very questionable characters who've been accused of abusing children. Webster formed some relationships in north Wales which I have serious concerns about, specifically two staff members from Bryn Estyn. So the ugly troll has been 100% totally reliant on Webster and Rose for the past 18 months.  

Webster's interview with Rose. May 2004


Monday, 5 October 2015

The Fog of War

I'm in a war of reputations. My own has come under attack since 1992. 

Feast your eyes. This is what I consider to be ambulance chasing at its worse. I was approached by This chap Billah Uppal Singh who was this firms new blood. He charmed me and dined me and befriended me. I now know it was all under false pretences. I was- believe or not- somewhat star struck by his approach. Smartly dressed, well spoken with ability to come down to my level of conversation. I'd yet to get an education so my language was rather colloquial. He was Asian and convinced me he was anti establishment. He bragged about the being in on the  Pin Down Case and informed me that the chances of "winning" would be increased if I chose a firm of lawyers with experience dealing with these types of cases. I was convinced. We agreed and I set about my task of recruiting others to follow me to him.

The letter was a follow up to our early meeting. The instruction sheets were really authorisation letters. In other words, they were forms that gave the lawyers full control of your case. I went about my task and travelled the length and breadth of the country to recruit my mates and others who I knew had been abused. I wanted as many as was possible to give evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry. (not Whitehouse as the letter states. Evidencing the haste or speed at which the letter was thrown together. Idiots) Not only did Singh scoop up tens of clients to represent at the Waterhouse Inquiry but he also signed them up for future civil litigation cases. Imagine the legal aid cost. He's certainly made his money since our initial meeting. 

As time passed and I began to question his motives and our relationship started to list. I took my concerns to the Inquiry and was informed that Singh had refused to continue to represent me. He stated that he would never be able to live up to my expectations. He was right. Looking at my transcripts of evidence it's clear as gin that I was lynched and I was allowed to be lynched. 

More importantly for me is the fact the Singh would have been fully aware of the Observer article I'm currently dealing with. He had sight of my statements and cannot deny he should have addressed the rape allegations made in the article. I know this because of another meeting I was summoned to in Manchester whereby I was forewarned that I was to be questioned about other incidences that I might find embarrassing. The meeting took place in Byrom Street Chambers on a Saturday morning. Both my QC and the QC for North Wales Police were part of the same chambers.  Andrew Moran  and Tim King often shared the car to work. Moran doesn't list the Waterhouse Inquiry on his CV. I was surprised that he had no questions for me during my time in the witness box. I was in it for three days. I'm sure those familiar with my case will know full well why he had no questions to ask me. No mention of the article or the police statement I made refuted it's contents. They knew what they were doing. If it was omitted out of the evidence it was omitted out by the final report. 

As the days pass, sometimes as the hours pass the fog of deception gets thinner. One day I'll be free from the titles presently awarded to me by those still intent on damaging my credibility. If you're one of them, be warned. My little box of tricks has yet to be made public.