Tweets from 1st Feb 2014

  1. no more TV for Boglin but I see an appearance at Bangor Magistrates
  2. media hate him ex res hate him mummy hates him but Adey psul & Janette luv him
  3. the BE bully that nobody believes reduced to a few twitter freaks to talk to
  4. you still like em young dazzle like the ones in the llandudno residential home
  5. munkeekiller gonna catch you up creepo enjoy your freedom 21 and a brek

  6. I see arrests in your future for stalking and abusing and being a cunt in general
  7. always the victim poor poor dazzle no escape this time lavvy lad
  8. tick tock lavvy you will be exposed as the lying freak you are
  9. poor poor boggybrush your past is catching u up hahahaha hope u suffer freak
  10. tick tock toilet mouth ur card is well and truly marked
  11. u still lying and grassing dazzle same as BE you fucking snake